Workers’ Rights

Growing up in Bucks County, I learned the value of hard work and the importance of community, which drives my campaign today. I know how hard PA-01’s voters work to ensure their families have everything they need – and I know it’s the job of their representative to ensure Congress is protecting the programs they depend on and their right to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe working conditions.

Right now we have an administration and a Congress that is beholden only to America’s top 1% and big corporate interests. The top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 90% combined. The top 1% also grabbed 82% of all the new wealth in 2017. This is an unsustainable economic situation and leaves working families behind.

And we have a Supreme Court taking unprecedented steps to dismantle workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain. These attacks on unions and the labor movement are direct attacks on our democracy and America’s core values.

As long as corporate money drives our politics, working folks will continue to get a raw deal. I refuse to take a dime of corporate PAC money because I think the people of Bucks and Montgomery Counties are the only people your representative should be accountable to. I am committed to being a leading voice in the fight to safeguard the bedrock principles that protect working families.


A few of my priorities:


I am proud to have been endorsed by the following labor unions:

American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania

American Postal Workers Union Local 7048

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 614

Neshaminy Federation of Teachers

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

Pennsylvania Federation Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes-International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Service Employees International Union

Transport Workers Union Local 234

United Auto Workers

United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 1360

United Steel Workers