Redistricting Reform


Redistricting Reform

My parents raised me to believe that in a democracy, voters get to choose their politicians. It is shocking that instead, today, politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, legislators can design bizarre maps that slice and dice the electorate, to preserve their own partisan advantage. We end up with districts that look like “Goofy kicking Donald Duck,” as one district in Pennsylvania has been described.

Republicans in Pennsylvania are so good at gerrymandering that they were able to capture three-quarters of the state’s seats in Congress, while winning barely half of the votes. Fortunately, this scheme was invalidated by our Pennsylvania Supreme Court and just recently confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. Now voters are blessed with nonpartisan maps, where the actual will of the people determines their legislative representation.

And what is the reaction of Pennsylvania Republicans? Incredibly, they are moving to impeach the state judges who found their blatant gerrymandering in violation of the state constitution. I suppose the lesson is: if the ref catches you committing a foul, fire the ref.

We need a nonpartisan redistricting process at both the state and federal level. I will commit to carry the battle in Congress for fair federal congressional districts.

This is not a partisan issue. It is equally wrong, whether done by Republicans or Democrats. The people must rule, not the politicians.