Climate Change

Climate Change

Donald Trump is so desperate to ignore science that he’s banned parts of the government from using words like “climate change,” and he’s perpetuated the dangerous lie that climate change is a hoax by the Chinese.

Climate change is real, it is dangerous, and we ignore it at our own peril.

For the past fifteen years, the charitable organization Christy and I have run has become a leader in the fight against climate change. We’ve worked to empower grassroots movements to raise awareness and fight climate change, and to hasten the transition to a prosperous clean-energy future, with jobs, economic opportunity, and a healthier planet for all.

Instead of leaders like Trump who say that climate change is a “con job,” we need representatives who will embrace the clean-energy future.

The only “con job” when it comes to climate change is Donald Trump. He lies about the science and hires climate-deniers like Scott Pruitt to sabotage the Environmental Protection Agency, so he can keep protecting oil and coal special interests at the expense of our kids’ future.

Here’s where I stand:

But we have to commit to the fight, and we have to stand up to the truth-deniers like Donald Trump. It’s time to stop dragging our feet when it comes to finding real solutions to combat climate change.