Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and NRCC Continue to Perpetuate Smear Campaign Against Scott Wallace

Bucks County, PA – Today the Scott Wallace Campaign released the following statement on the continued efforts of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and national Republicans to smear Scott Wallace.


Eric Nagy, Campaign Manager, Scott Wallace for Congress, “Between putting up false ads that have been suspended by TV stations to perpetuating false, race-baiting attacks on Scott Wallace’s record with law enforcement – team Fitzpatrick will stop at nothing to save a seat that they are at serious risk of losing. This latest smear against Scott’s wife is a new low – even for them. Christy Wallace served our country in the US Foreign Service for two decades, in danger zones around the world — in El Salvador during the Civil War and the 1986 earthquake, in Hungary during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in Nairobi before the Al Qaeda terrorist attack. The Wallace campaign has never suggested that she was in Nairobi during the attack. If she had been, given the location of her office, she would very likely not be with us today. Scott Wallace is incredibly proud of his wife’s service.”

The Fitzpatrick campaign and their allies have proven they will stop at nothing to save this seat. Despite Fitzpatrick’s effort to distance himself from the Republican party, Rep. Fitzpatrick is all too happy to accept the help of the NRCC and Speaker Paul Ryan’s Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund to smear Scott Wallace. From race-baiting attack ads tying Wallace to a convicted cop-killer that had to be suspended by TV stations for their false claims, to the down-right false attacks accusing Wallace of supporting taxing families with more than two children, Fitzpatrick campaign has been repeatedly called for lying about Wallace’s record.

Fitzpatrick’s campaign even went so far as to send a staffer to Wallace events to pose as a reporter in a further attempt to smear Wallace’s record.

The Fitzpatrick campaign has been engaging in unethical and shameful campaign tactics that have no place in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Coverage of the false and misleading claims can be found below:

Philidelphia Inquirer: TV stations stop airing ad alleging Democrat Scott Wallace helped fund cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s defense

“Television stations in the Philadelphia region have stopped airing a super PAC’s ad alleging that Democratic congressional candidate Scott Wallace helped pay for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s legal defense.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: In misleading ad, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick ties Dem opponent to cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

“The ad is misleading. The contributions made by Wallace’s family foundation don’t translate to editorial control over Democracy Now!’s coverage.”

NBC News: Fact check: Does this Democratic candidate want to stop ‘irresponsible breeding?’

 “Did Wallace say anything about ‘Irresponsible breeding?’ Short answer: No, those aren’t his words.”


Politifact PA: No, congressional candidate Scott Wallace does not want to tax families for ‘breeding’

“Wallace has never personally called for the taxation of people with more than two children or accused them of ‘irresponsible breeding.’ We rate this claim False.”


ThinkProgress: Pennsylvania 1st District race demonstrates GOP dirty tricks and race baiting campaign

“Donald Trump’s latest actions have made clear that racist fear-mongering is his party’s closing argument to the voters for the midterm elections. And even though Fitzpatrick has attempted to portray himself as a “centrist” who does not always vote with Donald Trump, his campaign and those supporting his re-election also have been pulling out every race-baiting trick in the book to push him over the finish line.”

WHYY: ‘False’ accusation, labor endorsements in Bucks County congressional race

“Accusations in this national Republican TV ad attacking Democrat Scott Wallace were rated ‘false’ by Politifact Pennsylvania… Turns out Wallace never said any such thing or… advocated anything like that.”


Newtown Patch: ‘Breeding Tax’ Ad in Bucks Co. Race Flunks Fact Checks

“The ad accuses Scott Wallace, a father of three, of wanting to tax families with more than two children. It’s false, fact checkers say.”


ThinkProgress: Endangered Pennsylvania GOP congressman launches Willie Horton-style smear ad

“A new ad released Tuesday by vulnerable Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district makes the Dukakis attack appear tame by comparison.”


Levittown Now: Misleading Ads Hit Airwaves As Campaign Season Kicks Into Gear

“A fact check by news organization Billy Penn found that although the Wallace Global Fund, before Wallace was its leader, did donate more than a decade ago to the group linked to the 1968 brochure. The group – currently named Population Connection Action Fund – no longer supports the statements in the pamphlet.”


Politics PA: PA1: Fitzpatrick, Wallace Spar Over Law Enforcement in latest Ads

 “In a fact check disputing Fitzpatrick’s claim, the Philadelphia Inquirer detailed Democracy Now! as, “a nonprofit news organization that has given favorable coverage to Abu-Jamal, who has argued that racism led to his conviction.”