Speaker Paul Ryan Campaigns for Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick in PA-01

Bucks County, PA – Yesterday, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick campaigned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, after touting himself as a centrist leader in Congress. Scott Wallace released the following statement:

“Just days after it was revealed that Congressional Republicans have a plan to cut Social Security and Medicare next year to pay for their tax cut for the richest Americans, one of the architects of that plan – Speaker Paul Ryan – is in Bucks County campaigning with Congressman Fitzpatrick. Ryan is repaying Rep. Fitzpatrick for voting for the Republican playbook to undermine the middle-class.”

Just this week, the Republican leadership put front and center their goal of cutting Social Security and Medicare – what Ryan calls “entitlement reform” – to pay for the $2 trillion dollar debt they created when they gave massive tax cuts to corporations and the top 1 percent with their tax scam.

It’s no coincidence that Speaker Paul Ryan’s Super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, has earmarked more money to protect Brian Fitzpatrick and attack Scott Wallace than any other candidate and Congressional district in the country.

This isn’t the first time Brian Fitzpatrick has proven more extreme than he claims. Fitzpatrick was endorsed by the Tea Party Express, an extreme Conservative special interest group whose mission includes repealing Obamacare, de-funding Planned Parenthood, and repealing regulations that protect our clean air and water, including the Clean Power Plan. And Fitzpatrick came under fire for touting an award from the “60 Plus Association” – an extreme Koch Brothers funded front group that supports privatizing Social Security and wants to “drive a stake through the heart” of the Affordable Care Act. He was also criticized for supporting concealed carry reciprocity, an extreme gun-rights measure and the NRA’s top legislative priority, after claiming to support common-sense gun safety measures.