Scott Wallace Statement on E.P.A. Rollback of Coal Pollution Regulations

Bucks County, PA – Today, Scott Wallace, Democratic Nominee for Congress in PA-01, released a statement following the announcement of the EPA’s plan to rollback Obama-era coal pollution regulations. The plan comes after an earlier EPA decision that weakened fuel efficiency standards designed to combat global warming and reduce pollution emitted from vehicle tailpipes. Wallace said:

“The U.S. is already at the top of the list for greenhouse gas emissions and Trump’s new decision to roll back Obama-era clean air requirements will only exacerbate the effects of climate change, and increase levels of smog and soot in our air. His so-called “Affordable Clean Energy” plan will dismantle protections against planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution from coal-fired power plants, and cause detrimental effects to our health. This is the last thing we need in Bucks County where we are already experiencing record levels of smog and rising cases of asthma and other respiratory related diseases.”

“Our right to breathe clean air shouldn’t be threatened because of an administration and Republican members of Congress – like Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick – who are deep in the pockets of special interests and fossil fuel companies. We need Congress to stand up for the people, and their lungs, their children, and their planet, but that won’t happen unless Democrats win in November.”