Scott Wallace Statement on March For Our Lives Town Hall

Scott Wallace attended the March For Our Lives Students Town Hall in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. The town hall was a part of the Parkland Students’ larger 50 city Road to Change Tour which addresses the importance of gun reform and registering and educating young potential voters. The local Pennridge 225 students recently made headlines when they received punishment for staging a walkout on the National Student Walkout Day that protested gun violence and Congress’s inaction to address such issues.

He stands in solidarity with the Parkland students as well as the local students at Pennridge 225 and Bucks Students Demand Action. He released the following statement:

“These kids and the local student activists here in Bucks County – at Pennridge 225 and Bucks Student Demand Action – continue to be an inspiration to me. They have made tremendous strides in moving the conversation forward on common sense gun reform and have galvanized the country to stand up to the gun lobby and hold their elected leaders accountable.

For too long this country has put off the gun reform debate despite countless massacres, but these young people have stood up to say enough. I will carry the Parkland Students’ message with me into Congress to ensure that our communities remain safe from senseless gun violence. I will fight to close loopholes to ensure background checks on EVERY gun purchase and to ban assault weapons, high capacity magazine clips, bump stocks, and silencers. I also am calling for every weapon to have a biometric triggerlock so that only the owner or authorized users can fire it. And I will work to repeal the ridiculous legal immunity that Congress granted to gun manufacturers at the behest of the NRA in 2005. Gun manufacturers, politicians and the NRA all need to be held accountable for the tragedies that occur when dangerous people get a hold of dangerous weapons.

At the end of the day, no matter what your political affiliation is, we all want the same thing – a safe space to live and raise our children. This can’t happen when we have a Congress unwilling to listen to the overwhelming voices of their constituents, unwilling to show political will and do what it takes to change the laws and protect our communities. It’s time we follow the example set by the Parkland Students and use our voice to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant in our country because every day shootings are every day problems.”