Scott Wallace Statement on Trump’s Plan to Roll Back Obama-Era Fuel-Efficiency Standards

Bucks County, PA – Scott Wallace, Democratic Nominee for Congress in PA-01, released a statement following the news of Trump’s plan to roll back Obama-era fuel-efficiency standards. The announcement comes shortly after release of a report from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection stating that smog in Lower Bucks has exceeded the EPA’s limit:

“Trump has once again sided with his mega-corporate donors instead of protecting working people and our right to breathe clean air. He’s preparing to roll back fuel-efficiency standards which would have improved public health, reduce climate change, and saved consumers trillions of dollars at the pump. It’s especially a slap in the face to Pennsylvania, one of 13 states which had boldly committed to these same higher fuel-efficiency standards. And it’s an affront to folks here in Bucks County, suffering record levels of smog this year, heavily from cars. With rising cases of asthma and lung cancer in Lower Bucks, easing up on polluters is the last thing we need. I am calling on Trump to try putting people ahead of polluters. And I call on Brian Fitzpatrick to demand better from Trump and the EPA.”