Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick says Trump’s behavior was Putin’s fault, gives Trump a pass;

Voted with GOP against funding to prevent future interference

Just days after caving to Republican leadership in Congress and voting against increased security for our elections, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick gave President Trump a pass on his capitulation in Helsinki, saying it was all Vladimir Putin’s fault.

“Once again, Brian Fitzpatrick is enabling Donald Trump’s destructive behavior – this time by excusing his performance in Helsinki. Trump was handed an opportunity to show leadership, stand up to Vladimir Putin and defend American democracy. Instead, he caved to Putin and Fitzpatrick refuses to hold Trump responsible. And when given the opportunity to take action to protect our democracy, Fitzpatrick weakly stood by the GOP and Trump – voting AGAINST funding to prevent it from happening again this year. Voters in PA-01 are tired of his empty talk, they’re ready to see real action to hold Trump accountable and protect our elections,” said Scott Wallace, Democratic Nominee for Congress in PA-01.