Wallace Calls on EPA’s Scott Pruitt to Resign; Challenges Fitzpatrick to Join Him

Says Fitzpatrick unfit to hold Trump and Pruitt accountable, Pennsylvania families are at risk

BUCKS COUNTY, PA – Today, Scott Wallace, Democratic nominee for Congress in PA-1, called for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation after the release of the long-awaited report that found chemicals in water near Bucks and Montgomery County military bases are more dangerous than previously reported, and challenged Fitzpatrick to join his demand. The EPA had blocked the release of the report because it would lead to a “public relations nightmare,” according to news reports and publicly available emails.

“Scott Pruitt should resign as EPA Administrator. It is unconscionable that the Trump administration would hide information about poison in our drinking water. I call on Congressman Fitzpatrick to join me in calling for Pruitt’s resignation. Our neighbors, friends, and family in Bucks and Montgomery County are getting sick – they are getting cancer, thyroid disease and life-changing diagnoses. If that’s not enough for Brian Fitzpatrick to hold this administration accountable and protect our clean water, I don’t know what will be,” Wallace said. “Unlike Fitzpatrick, I am not beholden to this corrupt administration and the corporate donors that profit from chemicals in our water and will hold Pruitt accountable when he endangers Pennsylvania families.”

The report released by the Department of Health and Human Services today finds the levels the two chemicals, PFOS and PFOA, that a person could safely consume are one-tenth of the amount used by the EPA to develop its 2016 drinking water guidelines.