Broken promises

Donald Trump promised voters that he would be a voice for the “forgotten” Americans. Many believed him.

But Trump didn’t mean it. He may say he cares about everyday working folks. But when his buddies in Congress, like Paul Ryan and Brian Fitzpatrick, finally OK’d his massive tax cuts for corporations and billionaires, what did Trump do? Jetted to his Florida country club and bragged to a room full of people who paid $200,000 to get in the door, that they all “just got a lot richer.” Oooh, that’s rich.

I’m sick of hypocrisy, lies and divisiveness. We need leaders who say they will fight for the working class — and mean it.

President Trump and his corporate-bought congressional enablers, like Brian Fitzpatrick, always put the billionaire donors and big corporations first — that’s their real agenda. Coddle Wall Street, and screw Main Street. It’s time we call them out on it.

We need a government that will invest in the common good, not the corporate good. I refuse to sit back and watch Republicans make empty promises to working folks while they pursue an agenda that makes the rich get obscenely richer.

Pennsylvanians deserve better than this. And I won’t tolerate Trump’s BS in Congress.

It’s time we elect someone who won’t turn their back on working-class Americans. I refuse corporate PAC money, and will work ONLY for the people of Pennsylvania.