My mom

As a kid, I watched my parents fight for women’s rights as activists with Planned Parenthood of Bucks County. My mom became the organization’s president. She also proudly served on the board of the local League of Women Voters. As a young lawyer, I worked for the Philadelphia Women’s Law Project, successfully fighting against Pennsylvania’s restrictive anti-choice law.

My mom shaped me. She’s my hero. I remain inspired by her endless quest to empower women and girls.

Learn more about how my mother inspired me to spend my career fighting for women’s rights here in Pennsylvania and around the world. Watch our video now.


During the past 15 years running our charitable foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, my wife Christy and I have worked to make sure women have access to family planning, health services, and economic opportunity, all around the world. But now, with the endless assault on Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights, I’m concerned that women in America are at risk of losing hard-fought gains.

Under Trump and the Republican-controlled House, we’re seeing toxic levels of backsliding and misogyny — and zero progress towards cornerstones of equality, like pay equity, universal family and medical leave, and protections for women who have the courage to speak out against sexual assault and domestic violence.

We need a change in national leadership. Trump, Ryan and Fitzpatrick must go.

My mom (my dad too!) worked too hard for too long to have us turn back the clock now.

The assault on women mounts daily. Trump embarasses the nation, and Republicans in Congress sit silent.

We are better than this. Please join me in fighting back.